ODA has often been seen as the principal source of funding for development…
Global issues require global solutionsGreater resources are neededCo-operation and policy coherence are keyIf the world is to meet its post-2015 goals for sustainable development…Developing countries’ circumstances, needs and options are evolvingThere are new providers and many other resources for development……and much potential still to be tapped……including countries’ mobilisation of their own resourcesBut today, the environment has changed
Making investment attractive in high-risk situationsODA can play a key role…Leveraging other resourcesHelping countries mobilise domestic resourcesSupporting countries that find it hard to attract other resourcesPromoting policy reformFit-for-purpose in the current financial environmentEffective in mobilising other resources Targeted where it is needed most…but only if ODA is made “smart”
Globalpublicgoods Economic Environmental Social NGOs, civil society Potential sources of finance and knowledge Foreign direct investment Social business Institutional investors South–South co-operation Foundations Policy reform and coherence Tax systems Investment Trade